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Other Earths Handbook

Everything you need to know about playing, making a character in, or running a game of Other Earths

Learn our fast and efficient IOd6 System, choose from over 100 spells and abilities, pick from hundreds of items and make your character unique, learn about a multiverse torn apart by war, ancient lore, and play an example mission that will give players a real taste for the world.

Muye Campaign

The flagship campaign of Other Earths, this series of books takes players on over 200 missions which explore the refugee city of Muye. Experience gang wars working for Boris, go bounty hunting for the overworked Sheriffs Department, take on demons as a hunter for the Coven, become a respected martial artist in the Ring, race maglev jet bikes on the unreclaimed streets outside the city, become a legend in the Tower of Battle, help the Council make the city a better place, delve deep into the Hive and explore the mysterious ruins within, explore the Aunko timeline on canister runs, hunt pirates in the Eastern Sea, or help homesteaders make a place for themselves in the unreclaimed Northern Territories.

Muye Harbor.png
Muye Campaign

Phogs-Pa Campaign

Expanding on the Muye campaign, this series of books is our first planned expansion. Featuring over 120 missions of additional content, these books take you to the Elven timeline of Phogs-pa to fight alongside the locals against the forces of the Tedu'awvn empire.

Retake ancient cities, fight from trenches and race across no man's land, steal a maglev jet and battle for the skies over wonderous temples and towers, fight back the elven menace and help refugees find the resources they need to restart their lives in the wake of war.

Phogs-Pa Campaign
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